1. Show people respect. (尊重他人)

2. Learn your B-Boy history. (学习bboy的历史)

3. Keep your moves on beat. (保持你的动作合拍)

4. Learn all your foundations. (学习所有的基本功)

5. Don't just do Flaire and Headspins. (不要只做托马斯和头转)

6. Always be ready to battle. (随时准备battle)

7. Always Up Rock before you go Down. (下地之前要做Up Rock)

8. Always hold your freezes for at least 1.5 seconds. (每个freezes要保持1.5秒以上)

9. Do not steal moves unless the inventor gave you permission to use his move. (不要偷别人地招数除非发明者允许你使用)

10. Always represent B-Boys as a positive role model no matter where you go in this world. (无论你在何地,都要给人们留下bboy是健康向上的印象)


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